About Us

About US

In Ecuador, and especially in the Coastal areas and the Galapagos the word CALETA is used as slang for HOME, or house, while the real meaning is small cove, and whenever one is going home “ME VOY A MI CALETA” is the usual way to say it, so, we thought it was a very proper name for this family inn.

We, Angy and Luis are a Hotel Managers couple in charge of Mi Caleta Inn hostel. We like our job, getting to know new people and new cultures. We like to talk to our guest about the Galapagos Islands and help them with any information they might need. The most important task every day is to bring the best service.

The inn is divided into two bodies, one is the main house with three bedrooms three bathrooms, living, dining, large kitchen fully equipped.

Also, there are three suites. Double room suite, one for two singles with the possibility of adding a couple of inflatable mattresses in case four friends want to share one large bedroom or if there is a large family. It comes with: coffee maker, refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV, WiFi, A/C, etc. The other suite has two smaller bedrooms, one for a couple and the other with twin beds, this room has a full equipped kitchen, cable TV, WiFi and A/C on each room, etc. And a third, just for a couple but with the same services of the double room suite.


Our goal and passion is to provide the best service to our guests in order to make of it an unforgettable experience.


We do take care of the details every day with every guest. We want you to remember our time together.


We always do what is correct for our environment, our country, our community. And, of course, what is best for our guests.


Quality becomes a powerful tool to create value and supposes a continuous improvement, so that our service is increasingly better and adapted to the needs of the client.

Mi Caleta Inn: Your home away from home

Visit our magic lands, get inspired by pure nature and enjoy your stay in a quite and nice place. We are here waiting for you to exceed your expectations